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The Positive Dictionary cover

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The Positive Dictionary

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The Positive Dictionary contains over 700 words with positive connotations. The meaning of every word is explained in the form of a practical action which can be practiced on a daily basis. For every word there is also a basic truth in the form of a deeper thought, a motto or a slogan which can be followed in life.

With its concise inspirational explanations, The Positive Dictionary is the perfect way to instill positive values in students. This will foster a positive attitude in their lives and lay the foundations for future success.

The Positive Dictionary is also a valuable resource for teaching and learning the English language.

The Positive Dictionary is timeless!

Publisher: Dr. Phil Minnaar
Product ID: DPM0001
Grades: Grades 5 - 12, Staff
Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School, High School, Staff Room
Pages: 148
File Size: 1.45 MB
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)
ISBN (Physical Book): 0973204214