Tales of Time by Richard Di Giacomo (eBook)

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Time travel, immortality, alternate history, and more! Fascinating tales from the past, the present, and the future...

Examining the intriguing aspects of the nature of time, these stories include:

  • Seeing the world through the eyes of ancient tree that remains unchanged on its lonely mountaintop as the centuries come and go.
  • Adventurers who try to go back and change history to save a glorious ancient city that they love.
  • A Native American who comes back to life and wonders what has become of the world that he once knew.
  • A Civil War re-enactor who wishes he could go back to see the real events so badly, he can almost taste it.
  • Rumors abound about a book of secrets that has been passed on from president to president. Can it be true?
  • A curious boy who is so obsessed with dinosaurs that he wishes he could walk among them.
  • A lonely modern explorer who goes on a quest to find the last place on earth to remain untouched by humans.
  • An aging hippie who wrestles with the question: Did he change the world or did it change him?
  • A retired military man whom after doing some family history research is saddened by the realization that he is the last of his line.
  • A young Italian college student is tormented by the enigma of his strange dreams. What could they telling him about himself and the nature of time and existence?
  • In a dark, possible future, alien students view the Earth as an object lesson of how not to run a civilization.
  • In a hopeful, alternate future, America is re-energized by a new age of discovery in space.
These thought-provoking stories will capture your imagination and leave you talking about them for days. Hide Product Description

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Publisher: Magnifico Publications
Author: Di Giacomo, Richard
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Grades: Grades 8 - 12, Staff
Level(s): Middle School, High School, Staff Room
Pages: 230
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Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)
ISBN (Digital Book): 9780983426714
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781478235101

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