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  • Brain Verse (Grades PreK-2) (eBook) cover

    Brain Verse (Grades PreK-2) (eBook)

    Lorenz Educational Press
    128 Pages, Grades PK - 2
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    Brain Verse (Grades PreK-2) (eBook)

    The purpose of Brain Verse: Poems and Activities That Build Literacy and Neural Connectivity is to offer teachers and parents a language-rich, sensory-driven set of experiences through which they can teach basic academic skills. A collection of 12 rhyming story-poems has been designed to be read aloud to young children and followed with activities and lessons designed to build neural connections, especially those tied to the five components of literacy: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. emerging skill.

  • Making Your Word Wall More Interactive (Grades 1-3) (eBook) cover

    Making Your Word Wall More Interactive (Grades 1-3) ...

    Creative Teaching Press
    96 Pages, Grades 1 - 3
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    Making Your Word Wall More Interactive (Grades 1-3) (eBook)

    Now that you have devoted a large section of your classroom wall space to a word wall, how do you ensure that your students are improving their reading, writing, vocabulary, and spelling skills because of it? The dozens of activities in this resource provide fun ways for students to interact with words and build strong literacy skills. Activities are organized by whole-class, small-group, and independent study to offer more planning flexibility.