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Paul Loranger completed his Master’s degree at McGill University in the spring of 1981, and since then has continued to develop his expertise in curriculum implementation. In recent years, Paul has been director and principal at many First Nation Reserves and dealing with ways to implement the new Inspired Educational guidelines of Alberta. This work has led him to write three new books to stimulate interest in learning: “Teaching the Way it is Supposed to be Taught" (for helping to recognize a student’s identity while learning), “My Name is Johny” and "Preparing the Child for the 21st Century “ (for how to insert dynamic thinking Into the learning process).Hide Info

A Manual on Inserting "Dynamic Thinking" within the Learning Process cover

A Manual on Inserting "Dyna...SynlogicSYN000386 Pages, Grades PK - 12, Staff

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My name is Johny cover

My name is JohnySynlogicSYN0001197 Pages, Grades K - 12, Staff

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Teaching the Way It's Supposed to Be Taught cover

Teaching the Way It's Suppo...SynlogicSYN0002103 Pages, Grades K - 12, Staff

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