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Arbordale Publishing is on a mission to create picture books that excite children’s imaginations, are artistically spectacular, and have educational value. We have a special interest in bringing an avid love of science and math to children through quality literature. Each of our books begins with a wonderful story brought to life by illustration. The story may be fiction, but the scientific seeds planted throughout the book lead to a valuable learning experience in the non-fiction ‘For Creative Minds’ pages. All Arbordale Publishing books have been vetted by experts, including scientists and educators from notable organizations, such as Sea World, NASA and Columbia University. Looking to the future, Arbordale Publishing is expanding into new product categories with titles printed in Spanish hardcover for the first time. The Arbordale Publishing eBooks have proven to be a valuable resource for parents and educators, as our books consistently provide beneficial access to entertaining and instant lessons for children.Hide Info

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