PowerPoint Presentation: Ascension Parish Landmarks (Grades 1-12)

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Ascension Parish Landmarks is a PowerPoint document which includes striking photographs of 78 historical landmarks throughout Ascension Parish, taken by the document’s creator, Anne Brooks. All landmark images are followed by a description of the site’s historical significance. This document will bring to light the richness of local history which surrounds your students and will encourage them to further explore their own town. Students will begin to see that history is not just a part of the past that they read about in books, but can be a part of their everyday life.

The program is great for in classroom use. Students will become excited as they see sites familiar to them and their peers. The program can easily be incorporated into any lesson plan, used in your Louisiana history lesson or class, and can supplement a class field trip to a local historical landmark. The document also includes a lesson for you and your students called "Landmarks In the Community".
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Publisher: School Aids
Product ID: SCAPL001
Grades: Grades 1 - 12
Level(s): Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School
Pages: 177
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Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)
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