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Where the Wild Things Are

By Maurice Sendak (2)

Where the Wild Things Are is the first and most famous of Maurice Sendak’s picture book trilogy, which also includes In the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There. In this Caldecott Medal Winner, young Max acts the part of a wolf, terrorizing the family pet, and threatening to gobble up his mother. She rewards his rambunctiousness by sending him to bed without any supper. In his room all alone, Max lets his imagination run wild. First, a forest grows green and grand. Then an ocean tumbles by, bringing Max his very own boat, in which he can sail through time to meet the wild things, with their yellow eyes, terrible teeth, and claws. Max manages to tame the terrible beasts by staring, unblinking, into their eyes. In fear, the creatures crown him King of all the Wild Things, and join him in howling at the moon, swinging through the trees, and marching in a parade. Will the wildest wild thing of them all remain with his royal subjects, or return in search of supper? Sendak’s charming prose and lush illustrations continue to incite the imaginations of young children and parents alike.

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