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The War with Grandpa

By Robert Kimmel Smith (2)

Robert Kimmel Smith’s The War with Grandpa is both critically acclaimed and beloved by readers for its farcical laughs and charming characters. Ten-year-old Peter Stokes has always reserved his bedroom to be his own territory, and has no plans to relinquish his claim. However, when his beloved Grandpa moves in, following the passing of his wife, Grandpa is given Peter’s room, much to the boy’s displeasure. Believing the only way to reclaim his bedroom is to declare war, Peter does so in a spectacular manner, pulling prank after prank over his Grandpa. Not to be discounted, Grandpa likewise engages in the merry, but determined war, not giving an inch. Smith’s realistic and lovable portrayal of familial conflict, antics, and love has rendered The War with Grandpa not only a fun read, but a poignant reminder of what truly matters in life.

Literature Guide: The War With Grandpa (Lit Links series) (eBook) cover

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The War with Grandpa: A Literature Guide for Classroom Use (eBook) cover

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