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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

By Avi (2)

Avi’s The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, a Newbery Honor award-winning novel, follows the spirited, titular heroine’s maturation on the high seas. Set in the mid 19th century, the novel introduces Charlotte Doyle, a thirteen-year-old girl who begins her tale with a pointed command: “If strong ideas and action offend you, read no more.” Boarding a ship named the Seahawk, Charlotte is America-bound, the home of her youth. Moments before boarding, she is bewildered and shocked when she is informed that she will be the only passenger on board, and worse yet, the only female. Born and raised a lady, with a strict upbringing that has regulated she be meek and obedient, Charlotte is unsure what to make of her new circumstances, especially in regards to Captain Jaggery, whose position of reigning authority seems to be countered by his crew’s hatred and possible, imminent mutiny. Charlotte finds that the sea is, indeed, no place for a well-bred lady, and through a deluge of new friendships, alliances shaken, and a resounding loss of naivety, she becomes one of the crew, prepared to take on the corrupt and cruel Jaggery. Avi’s novel is centered on a girl who becomes a woman by reinterpreting her fundamental beliefs, defying societal conventions, and in doing so, Avi has created a strong female character, whose moral backbone makes her a worthy and fascinating role model.

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