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The Miracle Worker

By William Gibson (4)

William Gibson’s beloved play “The Miracle Worker” dramatizes the relationship between the child Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, the young teacher who salvages, and ultimately saves Helen’s life. Set in the 1880s, when the lives of handicapped people were often limited, the drama follows Helen’s transformation. A miserable, tempestuous little girl prone to shattering tantrums, Helen has spent her young life in a frightened rage, unable to see or hear, with a complete inability to understand what others expect of her. Upon Annie’s application to become Helen’s governess, Helen’s parents remain unconvinced whether Annie is up for the daunting task, and she sets out to prove them wrong. Through her dedication, Annie, also visually impaired, teaches Helen that the objects she touches are signified by words: the most memorable incident being when Annie places Helen’s hands under a pump, and teaches her the word “water”. As the drama unfolds, the necessary bond between pupil and teacher grows into a loving and caring friendship, one that will resonate with readers and viewers. High school students will respond to Gibson's wonderful play, which teaches that there are few limits to what a person can achieve.

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