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The Midnight Fox

By Betsy Byars (2)

Betsy Byars, a renowned children’s author, has produced a delightful and unassuming novel in The Midnight Fox, a beautifully written tale of a young boy and his devotion to a fox. Nine-year-old Tom hails from the city, and is decidedly apprehensive about his summer move to his aunt and uncle’s farm. Weighted down by his fear of animals and a tendency to shrink away from anything new, Tom is quite certain the summer will not hold happy memories. However, despite the boy’s trepidation, Tom is awed by the appearance of a black fox on an outdoor excursion. The stunning fox captures the young boy’s attention, and he soon discovers the fox’s den, where her cub is housed. Feeling increasingly attached to the beautiful animal, Tom grows nervous when the fox steals one of the farm’s turkeys, and is horrified to find Aunt Millie now wants the thieving fox hunted and killed. Will Tom be able to protect his midnight fox? Appropriate for ages 8 and up, Byars’ novel is filled with wonderfully penned action sequences, and the relatable quality of Tom, an ordinary boy who reaches deep within to find an extraordinary courage, will resonate with young readers.

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