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The Magic School Bus

By Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen (0)

The array of picture books, chapter books, and television episodes, all pertaining to the The Magic School Bus series, are indisputably one of the most popular ways to introduce young students to the intricacies of science. Originally written by Joanna Cole, and brilliantly illustrated by Bruce Degen, the original series of picture books is a madhouse of information, all contained within vivid and meticulously detailed pictures that draw in a reader. Cole and Degen’s series revolves around everyone’s favorite science teacher, Ms. Frizzle, who is figuratively and literally the series’ most colorful character, with a dizzying wardrobe of fantastic dresses and shoes, and an incurable zest for teaching through adventure. Constantly ready to teach her students in a new manner, Ms. Frizzle employs a frequency of field trips on their magical school bus (which shrinks, grows, and shifts to accommodate any contingency) in order to further educate her class. Her students contain a number of standout characters, including the somewhat dour Arnold, and Phoebe, who consistently reiterates, “At my old school…” The variety of characters ensures there is a relatable figure for any new reader. The Magic School Bus is replete with imagination, and is a fantastic way to introduce reluctant students to the realm of science.

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