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The Hundred Dresses

By Eleanor Estes (2)

Eleanor Estes’ The Hundred Dresses, a Newbery Honor winner, is a compassionate and pointed tale regarding the emotional damage that follows the act of bullying. Wanda Petronski wears the same blue dress every day, a distinguishing mark further exacerbated by her Polish descent and dilapidated living quarters. Wanda’s simple appearance sits directly in juxtaposition with the lavish tidings of the popular and wealthy Peggy, who commands attention and power, especially over her best friend, Maddie. One day, Wanda whispers to Peggy that she has a hundred dresses at home, a seemingly false statement that draws the ire and taunts of the school children, with the most merciless of the teasing conducted by Peggy. Maddie feels distinctly uncomfortable with the cruel belligerence, but fears speaking up and being similarly exposed to ridicule. Estes’ novel has an evocative elegance that has allowed it to stand the test of time, and her story reprimands not only the bully, but also the characters that stood by. The Hundred Dresses is simple, but powerfully compelling, and the moral conundrum of Maddie will resonate with readers who have had to decide between being one with a crowd, or standing up for what’s right.

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