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The Hiding Place

By Corrie ten Boom (3)

Corrie ten Boom’s memoir The Hiding Place recounts the author’s heroic efforts on behalf of Dutch Jews and others at risk during World War II. Throughout the Nazi occupation of Holland, Caspar ten Boom and his children worked for the Resistance. Their work was extremely risky, as it involved supplying the fugitives with false papers, and hiding them at home. The ten Booms were integral in building a rescue network in Holland, with son Willem protecting Jews by taking them into his nursing home, and daughters Corrie and Betsie becoming increasingly active in the underground. The family home, the Beje, was the ideal refuge for those in hiding, but eventually the Nazis discovered the ten Boom’s involvement in the Resistance, imprisoning the ten Booms and many of their allies. Caspar died in prison, Willem was released, while Corrie and Betsie were sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp. Although Betsie died there, Corrie survived to bear witness to the horrors of the Holocaust, and enforce the courage of those who fought evil. The Hiding Place is essential reading for students studying the Holocaust.

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