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The Gift of Magi

By O. Henry (2)

In O. Henry’s classic The Gift of the Magi, Christmas presents a challenge for a tender couple living in a tiny flat on an ever-tightening budget. Mr. James Dillingham Young and his devoted wife Della find themselves with little to give but love, after Jim suffers a 10-percent pay cut. With the small amount left after buying groceries and paying bills, Della wonders what present she could possibly procure that would be worthy of her husband. She heads out and searches the city, finally discovering an elegant platinum watch chain. Jim treasures his grandfather’s gold watch, but carries it concealed on an old leather strap. Della feels confident that once she replaces the strap with this charming chain, Jim will check the time with pride. However, the meager sum she has is nowhere near enough for a gift of such quality. Undaunted, Della gets a great idea: she will sell her lustrous locks of beautiful brown hair! But what will Jim sell in order to buy a present for Della? O. Henry’s short story, with his trademark twist, has become traditional holiday fare, reminding readers that the real gift is in the giving.

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