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The Crucible

By Arthur Miller (8)

The classic play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, draws its fictional plot from real events that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Girls caught frolicking in the forest by the theocratic leader of the village take to their beds rather than face the wrath of their parents. When the doctor finds no physical cause for their ‘ailment’, a minister is consulted. The minister believes the girls to be indisposed due to the ‘devil’s work’, and this pronouncement causes land hungry villagers to see an opportunity to pilfer property, and miffed neighbors gain a chance to exact revenge. In no time at all, villagers begin using the children to “call out” other villagers and accuse them of witchcraft, a hanging offense. With dramatic flair, the girls choke, faint, grow cold, and see apparitions as each of the accused appears before the superstitious state court. Soon, even the kindest old woman in the village is sentenced to hang for refusing to confess to nonexistent crimes or incriminate others. The Crucible was published in 1953 at the height of anti-Communist hysteria in America. Miller, when testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee, refused to answer false charges or accuse others.

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