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The Color Purple

By Alice Walker (3)

Celie, a victim of incest, is deprived of even the comfort of her children in Alice Walker’s powerful novel The Color Purple. Lustful Pa takes away her children and marries again, but still abuses Celie. To escape, Celie marries a man who actually desires her sister, Nettie, and the unhappy marriage results in Celie’s separation from her beloved sister. One day Mr.___, as Celie’s husband is referred to, brings home his sensuous mistress, Shug, with whom Celie falls in love, and the young woman experiences her first real romance with the free spirited singer. The two women uncover that Mr.___ has been hiding Nettie’s letters to her sister, and Celie eventually discovers the whereabouts of her children, who have been adopted and taken to Africa. After Pa’s death, Celie, Nettie, and the children finally have a home together, and Celie has even been reconciled with her reformed husband. As Walker’s novel ends, the elderly women are looking forward to spending their remaining years together. The Color Purple, a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, is critically acclaimed for its portrayal of strong female characters, and the poignant journey of Celie to self-respect and love has endeared Walker’s novel to a wide and expansive readership.

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