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The Chocolate Touch

By Patrick S. Catling (2)

A clever and comical retelling of the King Midas myth, Patrick Skene Catling’s The Chocolate Touch is a bewitching tale with a distinctly moral backbone. John Midas is your typical school-age boy, relatively kind, but with one buckling flaw: he has a debilitating weakness for any type of candy, especially chocolate. His infinite love for a candied treat tends to overtake his life in selfish want, and when John discovers a silver coin on the ground, he immediately uses the coin to purchase a box of chocolate from a mysterious proprietor. The box hides a tiny, small chocolate, which initially disappoints John, until he finds that, upon his consumption of the magical chocolate, everything he eats – be it toothpaste, vegetables, a worn glove, or a pencil – turns to chocolate. John’s happiness at this seemingly miraculous new trait quickly wears thin, as his ability to turn everything into chocolate begins to take over his life in an alarming and dangerous fashion. The Chocolate Touch is a lighthearted novel, but its underlying morality and life lessons make it a constructive and positive read for young students.

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