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The Cay

By Theodore Taylor (0)

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Theodore Taylor’s The Cay begins with a dedication to “Dr. King’s dream”, and the novel serves as a deep and thoughtful look at racial prejudices. Set in the heart of World War II, Phillip Enright and his mother are headed home to America on the S. S. Hato when the Germans torpedo their ship. Separated from his mother, Phillip ends up on a raft with Timothy, an African-American deck hand, and a black and gray cat. Stranded in apparently the middle of nowhere, they reach a small island, and are forced to make the best of their situation. Phillip, who harbors an inherent and learned disdain for African-Americans, initially hates Timothy and is uncooperative. However, as Phillip begins to lose his sight, until he is unable to see nothing but darkness, he is forced to rely heavily on Timothy. The stranded acquaintances begin to slowly develop a friendship, especially as Timothy takes care of Phillip, helping him learn how to be independent, in spite of his blindness. The two continue to hope for a rescue, but soon discover they must first brave a hurricane of monumental proportions. Taylor’s novel is compelling, and its authentic touches help solidify the growing, loving relationship between the two protagonists, who demonstrate that true friendship has an indisputable strength and is distinctly colorblind.