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The Borrowers

By Mary Norton (2)

Under the floorboards of an old house, a tiny family carries out a very ordinary existence in Mary Norton’s charming novel, The Borrowers. As their name implies, these miniscule folk borrow items from the upstairs world to furnish their small domain. Hiding from the “human beans” is a necessity, as Arrietty Clock knows very well. When Arrietty is allowed to accompany her father, Pod, on borrowing trips, she meets a human boy who has just arrived from India. As the friendship develops, the boy brings dollhouse furniture, and other small items, for the Clock family, and also helps them by secreting a message to a badger den, where other Borrowers may have emigrated. All goes well until the nasty cook, Driver, discovers where the boy is taking household objects, and has the Clock’s home smoked out before sending the child back to India. Although left on an enigmatical note, hopeful readers will believe that the lovable Borrowers survive the ordeal. Norton's lovely fantasy story is most suited for readers ages 9 and up.

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