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By Edward Bloor (7)

Edward Bloor’s debut novel, Tangerine, is a moving thriller with complex twists, and a chilling antagonist. Paul Fisher is a legally blind fourteen-year-old, and has always lived in the perpetual, looming shadow of Erik, his older brother, a cruel and self-indulgent football star. Erik’s villainous bullying has made Paul wary of his brother, and increasingly suspicious that his own blindness may be a direct result of an earlier possible transgression by Erik. A talented soccer goalie, Paul’s ample capabilities are overlooked until he enrolls at Tangerine Middle School, joining their soccer team. As he is slowly, but surely, befriended by his teammates, Tino Cruz and Victor Guzman, who are visible minorities, Paul begins to gain confidence and courage, especially in the face of his brother’s delinquency and threatening demeanor. Also foraying into environmental concerns and racial tensions, Bloor has concocted a intricate story that builds up to a suspenseful climax, keeping readers avidly turning the page, and rooting for the avengement of Tangerine’s undaunted, young hero.

Novel Study: Tangerine (eBook) cover

Novel Study: Tangerine (eBook)Teacher Tested Educational PublicationsTTEPN5265 Pages, Grades 4 - 8

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Study Guide: Tangerine (eBook) cover

Study Guide: Tangerine (eBook)Learning Links/Novel-TiesLGLS331135 Pages, Grades 7 - 12

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Response Journal: Tangerine (eBook) cover

Response Journal: Tangerine...Prestwick HousePWH30348648 Pages, Grades 7 - 12

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Activity Pack: Tangerine (eBook) cover

Activity Pack: Tangerine (e...Prestwick HousePWH303043124 Pages, Grades 7 - 12

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Teaching Unit: Tangerine (eBook) cover

Teaching Unit: Tangerine (e...Prestwick HousePWH302957169 Pages, Grades 7 - 12

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Tangerine (Focus on Reading Study Guide) (eBook) cover

Tangerine (Focus on Reading...Saddleback Educational PublishingSDLSA123052 Pages, Grades 5 - 12

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Tangerine: End-of-Book Test (Standards Based) (eBook) cover

Tangerine: End-of-Book Test...Novel UnitsNOVNU807308 Pages, Grades 7 - 8

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