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By Judy Blume (2)

Judy Blume reintroduces us to the most lovable siblings in children’s literary circles: Fudge and Peter Hatcher! Superfudge again relates the antics of the long-suffering older brother and irrepressible younger sibling with heart and warmth, as yet another family member is added to the mix. Baby Tootsie has added a new wrinkle to the family’s already muddled life, as Fudge petulantly pretends to be a baby in protest, and Mrs. Hatcher hands over a couple of her ‘motherly’ duties to her husband in abject exhaustion. To cap off the swirling new changes, Mr. Hatcher has decided to move the family to Princeton, New Jersey. With his father determined to take a year off to pursue a literary career, Peter is angered at his family’s failure to consult him on the move, and is especially despondent over his new school, which comes with the added difficulty of Fudge’s attendance, who is now old enough to enter Kindergarten. Will Peter survive the school year and an increase in Fudge antics? Will the family ever return home? Incredibly popular, fans of Blume’s hilarious series will also enjoy Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Fudge-a-Mania.

Study Guide: Superfudge (eBook) cover

Study Guide: Superfudge (eB...Learning Links/Novel-TiesLGLS041621 Pages, Grades 3 - 5

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Literature Guide: Superfudge (Lit Links series) (eBook) cover

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