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Summer of the Monkeys

By Wilson Rawls (2)

From Wilson Rawls, author of the beloved Where the Red Fern Grows, comes Summer of the Monkeys, another insightful children’s novel. Due to his family’s monetary hardships, Jay Berry Lee, a fourteen-year-old, bemoans his chances to obtain a pony and gun, while the family struggles to find the money to afford an operation for Daisy, Jay’s twin sister, to straighten her debilitated leg. When Jay’s grandfather informs the young boy that a circus has lost their prized chimpanzee and thirty monkeys, Jay is eager to recapture them, especially with the carrot of a sizable reward for their safe return. Jay attempts to outsmart the ingenious chimpanzee, named Jimbo, who corrals the young monkeys, keeping them one step ahead of the young boy, and in response, Jay’s schemes grow larger and larger in proportion. As Jay continues working towards capturing the wayward circus animals to achieve a large financial gain, he begins to revaluate what is important in his life, and who might be the best recipient of any reward money. Heartwarming and endearing, young readers will enjoy the animals’ mischievous antics, while appreciating the satisfying ending. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.

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