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Stuart Little

By E. B. White (2)

In his first children’s book, Stuart Little, E.B. White tells a tale of a mouse born to a loving family living in New York City. Once the doctor convinces the parents that Stuart is perfectly healthy, they adjust to his sharp countenance and short stature. Stuart proves to be smart and helpful, fearlessly repelling down the inside of a dank drainpipe to retrieve his mother’s ring. Stuart’s size makes every day an adventure, for example when sailing toy boats, but it is not always an advantage. He learns that daily exercise with a roll-up window shade and foraging in the fridge are less than safe activities for a mouse. When the Littles adopt an injured bird named Margalo, the two become fast friends. Stuart applies archery skills to save her from Snowbell, the family cat, and she, in turn, flies to Stuart’s rescue when he gets picked up by a garbage truck and dumped on a barge in the bay. When Margalo’s life is threatened, she flies away. Stuart immediately begins searching for her, and finds an adventurous life all his own. White’s charming story reminds children that no matter how small they feel, they can overcome all sorts of obstacles with love and determination.

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