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By Jerry Spinelli (4)

The perplexing issue of personal identity is at the center of Jerry Spinelli’s young adult novel, Stargirl. Narrator Leo Borlock is a bit eccentric himself with his penchant for porcupine ties, but when homeschooled Stargirl Caraway enters his high school, she really stands out. Stargirl’s hair, her clothes, and her unfailingly sunny manner all make her a target for teenage hostility. When she becomes a cheerleader, she becomes instantly popular, but her unique personality is too vibrant for the popularity to last long. Only her desire to be a good girlfriend for Leo can prompt Stargirl to try to conform in appearance and behavior. However, when Stargirl cheers for the opposite team at a school football game, she is once again shunned. Leo admits to her that he is unhappy to be stigmatized along with her, and Stargirl disappears. Will Leo ever see her again? The ending is left ambiguous when years later, a porcupine tie arrives in the mail for Leo. Young adult readers will respond to the quest for identity that Spinelli so deftly portrays.

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