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Ramona Quimby, Age 8

By Beverly Cleary (2)

The titular, exuberant Ramona, of Ramona Quimby, Age 8, is a respectable eight years old in this installment of Beverly Cleary’s entertaining series, and has quite a few changes to deal with. Her father has quit his job to go back to college, her sister Beezus is headed to junior high, and Ramona herself is starting third grade. She has the usual tribulations that go along with her very lively personality, such as when she accidentally cracks a raw egg against her head, and is sent to have her hair washed by the school secretary. In another chapter, complaints about dinner result in the hilarious attempt of Ramona and Beezus to prepare a family meal. Howie’s grandma is called upon to babysit Ramona afterschool, a fact Ramona is rather downtrodden about, though luckily matters end well, as the family is able to splurge at a burger joint, and a kindly stranger pays their bill. Ramona has many fans, a good majority of them in the third and fourth grades.

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