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Pictures of Hollis Woods

By Patricia Reilly Giff (2)

A compassionate tale of a girl looking for a family to call her own, Patricia Reilly Giff’s Pictures of Hollis Woods, a Newbery Honor award-winning novel, focuses on the titular Hollis, whose artistic talent centers the story. Hollis, a twelve-year-old orphan, has been in foster home after foster home, and continues to search for a family that will be able to perfectly fit her into their picture. A back and forth narrative, Hollis is currently living with Josie, who appreciates the girl’s aptitude for gorgeous sketches. Encouraged and well-loved by Josie, Hollis feels she has found a stable home, and fights against signs that Josie’s increasing forgetfulness has made the situation dangerous for the both of them. We are also taken back to the previous summer, when Josie was housed with the Regan family, a loving trio of Izzy, “Old Man”, and thirteen-year-old Steven. A tragedy marred the tender atmosphere though, and as Hollis struggles to find and keep a home, readers will remain enthralled by Giff’s vivid detailing of Hollis’ pictures, and her gentle depiction of a girl in need of love. Pictures of Hollis Woods is poignant and moving, rendering a satisfying conclusion that will appeal to young readers.

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