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Owls in the Family

By Farley Mowat (2)

Farley Mowat’s delightful novel, Owls in the Family, is the story of young Billy, and his friend Bruce, two animal lovers who start a wonderful menagerie. Billy already takes care of a dog, some gophers, and a crow when he tells his parents that he’d like to add some owls to the mix. When the parents reluctantly concede, Billy raises young Wol, also adopting a second baby owl, Weeps, that was being tortured by a few boys. Bruce and Billy nurse little Weeps back to health, but they soon find owls are not particularly tame, and the owls begin to terrorize the town. The ragtag group has unforgettable adventures of their own that create mass chaos, though soon Bruce’s family moves away and starts a fox farm, while the boy writes often to his friend and the owls. When the children decide that Bruce should have the owls, they obtain a home made from an old fox cage. Parting is hard, but Billy hopes that he will one day see his friend and the owls again. Mowat’s novel is an amusing story for readers in Grades 4 and 5.

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