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Our Town

By Thornton Wilder (6)

The enduringly popular Our Town by Thornton Wilder depicts small-town America in the 1920’s. The Webbs and the Gibbses are typical citizens of Grovers' Corners, the fictional New England town that springs to life through the deft description of Our Town’s narrator, Stage Manager. In three acts, Wilder gives us everyday life, courtship, marriage, death, and the afterlife. A time capsule is to be placed in the new bank's cornerstone in order to capture ordinary life, circa early twentieth-century America. At the center of the play is the boy-girl relationship of George Gibbs and Emily Webb, who move from the awkwardness of youth to the resolution and responsibility of adulthood. Around them swirls the life of the small town, sometimes comic but essentially tragic. The narrator succinctly comments on love and death, and the ordinary business of life. When Emily dies in childbirth, the play becomes surreal, with the dead of the town graveyard offering newcomer Emily their reflections on life and death. Wilder’s play will transfix young adult readers.

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