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Nothing but the Truth

By Avi (2)

The protagonist of Avi’s Nothing But the Truth is Philip, a high school freshman looking forward to joining the track team. Philip blames his teacher Miss Narwin for the low grades keeping him off the team, and he proceeds to harass her with all kinds of pranks, including humming “The Star- Spangled Banner” at inappropriate moments. Forced to choose between apologizing to his teacher, and being suspended for two days, Philip decides on suspension. Philip’s incensed parents and their neighbor, Ted Griffen, make a public issue of the incident, choosing to believe that Philip is simply being patriotic. This greatly concerns the School Board, who have an important budget vote pending. The media ultimately drives Miss Narwin out of teaching, the budget is defeated, and most ironically of all, Philip transfers to a private school, where there is no track team, and he is forced to admit that he does not even know the words to the national anthem. High school readers will grasp the ironies in this wise novel, and may relate to Philip’s rebellion against authority.

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