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Moon over Manifest

By Clare Vanderpool (0)

In Clare Vanderpool’s Moon Over Manifest, the town of Manifest, Kansas, struggles with the difficulties of 1930’s, including class tensions, and an increased antagonism between management and their workers, many of whom are hoping to unionize. The townspeople and their problems are seen through the eyes of Abilene Tucker, whose father sends her to live with an old friend, the preacher Shady Howard. Abilene is puzzled and unhappy about this separation, and wonders how she can find a place in this small community with its secrets and burdens. As she worries how to begin a personal writing assignment, the young girl turns to Miss Sadie for tales of Manifest during World War I. Miss Sadie tells her stories about Jinx, who left an indelible mark on Manifest, and how Shady helped to shape Jinx’s life. Later, Abilene and her new friends attempt to solve a mystery, in the process learning more about the war, a shifty real estate scheme, and details regarding the boy who defended his town against the cruel mine owners. As the story ends, Abilene’s father, now revealed to be the incomparable Jinx, returns to Manifest and his eager daughter. Vanderpool's poignant and fun novel is recommended for ages 9 and up.

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