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Molly's Pilgrim

By Barbara Cohen (2)

Barbara Cohen’s excellent Molly’s Pilgrim is not only an insightful reflection on the true nature of a ‘pilgrim,' but also a heart wrenching account of the cruelty and deliberate misunderstanding directed at a young immigrant by schoolyard bullies. Molly has recently moved from Goraduk, Russia to America, where her family has made their home in Winter Hill. A third-grader, Molly’s new home may be less plagued by monetary hardships, but her peers make life equally difficult by taunting the girl’s unique appearance and difficulty grasping the English language. Molly is slightly comforted by her mother’s loving countenance, and reminders that their life has improved immensely. For her first American Thanksgiving, Molly is given the task of creating a Pilgrim woman doll out of a clothespin. Upon returning home, she relates to her mother that the Pilgrims arrived in America seeking religious freedom, a sentiment that Molly’s mother can understand. The resulting clothespin doll her mother creates marks the pivotal point in Cohen’s short tale, and the lessons learnt from the discussion that ensues will touch readers, who may reevaluate a few of their perceptions. Cohen’s elegantly placed message regarding schoolyard bullying makes Molly’s Pilgrim an admirable read year round, but could be especially well integrated into a curriculum based on Thanksgiving.

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