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Joey Pigza Loses Control

By Jack Gantos (2)

In the further adventures of the lively Joey, Jack Gantos gives the boy six weeks with his absent father and eccentric, unhealthy grandmother. Joey Pigza Loses Control is the account of how father and son get reacquainted, with some less than positive results. Joey’s dad also suffers from ADHD, and he doesn’t believe that Joey should continue the medication that has been helping him control himself. Carter Pigza throws away the medicated patches that he and his son have been wearing, a move that even Joey can see is unwise. The eleven-year-old, now that he has calmed down and considered his actions, knows that his father is out of control, and fears he too will follow suit. Carter’s behaviors are extreme—nonstop talking, drinking, and excitability that lead to some rash decisions, such as leaving Joey alone for a day in a busy city. Some good comes out of the summer: Joey joins his father’s baseball team as a pitcher, and the two develop a bond. Readers in the sixth grade and above may relate to Joey’s inner conflict he must attempt to resolve during his unsettling summer vacation.

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