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Freckle Juice

By Judy Blume (3)

In Judy Blume’s Freckle Juice, the stakes are high for second-grader Andrew Marcus, who envies his classmate’s freckles. If he had freckles like Nicky’s, he muses, his mother would never know he did not wash his face and neck. Logical procession follows that she would then cease to intercept him on his way out the door, and he would never be late for school again. But where do freckles come from? The enterprising young Sharon overhears him asking Nicky the origin of his freckles, so she offers to sell him her top-secret recipe for Freckle Juice. The crazy concoction will cost him five weeks’ allowance, but Andrew sees no other way. The next day he pays Sharon, and runs home to prepare the pricey punch. Alone in his house, Andrew gathers the ingredients, mixes them just so, drinks the draft down, and runs to sit in front of his mother’s mirror, awaiting the magical results. In this brief book, Blume combines two of the best things about childhood: our love of entertaining books, and our infinite appetite for entertaining possibilities.

Freckle Juice: A Literature Guide for Classroom Use (eBook) cover

Freckle Juice: A Literature...Teacher Created ResourcesTCR234548 Pages, Grades 3 - 5

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Study Guide: Freckle Juice (eBook) cover

Study Guide: Freckle Juice ...Learning Links/Novel-TiesLGLS036118 Pages, Grades 2 - 5

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Freckle Juice: End-of-Book Test (Standards Based) (eBook) cover

Freckle Juice: End-of-Book ...Novel UnitsNOVNU803038 Pages, Grades 3 - 4

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