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Flowers for Algernon

By Daniel Keyes (4)

Daniel Keyes’ Flowers for Algernon is narrated through the journal entries of Charlie Gordon, a young man of limited acumen, who becomes the subject of a scientific experiment. After a laboratory mouse, named Algernon, sustains an operation that raises his intelligence, Charlie agrees to be the first human test subject for the surgery. His I.Q. improves an astonishing extent, but the experiment has severely negative consequences, as Charlie becomes increasingly unable to relate to those around him. He soon outgrows a romance with his former teacher, Alice, and tries to reconnect with his family in several pathetic encounters. His fate is foreshadowed in the ultimate failure of the experiment on Algernon, which Charlie meticulously observes and records. When Algernon begins acting strangely, dying shortly thereafter, Charlie is able to find the flaw in the experiment, and realizes that he will return to his former impaired state. Observing the handwriting on the wall, Charlie commits himself to a state institution. With its implicit social critique, and keen portrayal of character and events, Flowers for Algernon has long had a strong appeal for high school students.

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