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Flat Stanley

By Jeff Brown (2)

Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley is an amusing children’s classic, detailing the alternatively perplexing and wonderful effects of being a, literally, ‘flat’ character. Stanley is surprised to wake one morning to be four feet tall, a foot wide, and approximately half an inch thick, courtesy of a crushing blow from a bulletin board. Despite this life-altering change, doctors discern Stanley is no worse for the wear, and Stanley begins to revel in the benefits of being flat: being able to slip through the narrow crevice at a door’s bottom, the possibility of being mailed cross-country to visit a friend, and the magical power of flight, with his transformative venture as a ‘kite’. However, Stanley’s deflated body begins to lose its novelty, and Stanley wonders if he can ever return to his previous, normal existence. Brown’s novel charms with its simple, but imaginative premise, and will make kids think twice before sleeping under a heavy bulletin board! Flat Stanley also spurned ‘The Flat Stanley Project’, facilitated by Dale Hubert, whereby students created and mailed their own “Stanley” to another student, chronicling their “Stanley’s” adventures over a course of a few days.

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