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Ender's Game

By Orson Scott Card (4)

World domination is the focus of Orson Scott Card’s futuristic novel Ender’s Game. With the world having been attacked by the alien ‘Buggers’ twice, Earth’s leaders are training children who display signs of military genius. Colonel Graff handpicks a boy named Ender at birth, who leaves his loving sister Valentine, and aggressive brother Peter, for his place at Battle School. There he consistently proves his genius, defeating simulated enemies, and rising through the ranks of his peers. A student named Bonzo Madrid becomes insanely jealous of Ender, and attempts to kill the boy, but is beaten by Ender, who delivers a fatal blow. Meanwhile, Valentine and Peter have taken control of the world, and Ender must leave his friends to go to Command School, where he participates in an epic battle with a simulated enemy. His risky tactics allow him to defeat the simulation, though he is shocked and dismayed to find the simulation was a false front for a real war with the Buggers. Having led to the destruction of the Buggers, who are revealed to have been the victims, rather than aggressors, Ender resolves to give the fallen foe a chance for regeneration, caring for the one Bugger egg left from the mass extermination. More than a classic science-fiction novel, Card’s novel boasts an intricate and powerful message regarding human nature, and will make an enthralling read for middle school readers.

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Response Journal: Ender's Game (eBook) cover

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