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By Norman Bridwell (2)

Clifford, everyone’s favorite red dog, is the titular, lovable animal of the Clifford, The Big Red Dog series by Norman Bridwell. Bridwell, who writes and illustrates this classic set of picture books, published the first Clifford story in 1963, and has ‘doggedly’ continued to publish additions to this undeniably popular series ever since. Following Clifford’s antics and the general shenanigans of an overly large dog, the Clifford stories usually center on the tender and loving relationship between Clifford and his owner, Emily Elizabeth Howard, who chose Clifford when he was the runt of his litter (his size, of course, would be wildly subverted). Children will love the concept of a larger-than-life pet, while reveling in the beautiful pictures, richly vibrant in their imaginative rendition of a huge red dog. Most kids will be familiar with the popular television series of the same name, and Bridwell’s picture books are a wonderful way to introduce young students to Clifford’s origination.

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The Clifford Series: A Literature Guide for Classroom Use (eBook) cover

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