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Chocolate Fever

By Robert Kimmel Smith (2)

Robert Kimmel Smith’s Chocolate Fever depicts a classic case of overindulgence on the world’s favorite craving – chocolate. Henry Green is a young boy with an infinite, deep, unabiding love for chocolate, and since his relentless consumption of the sweet treat has had no distinct effect on his health, his parents allow his unorthodox eating habit. However, one day while sitting in class, Henry discovers his arms are covered in an array of mysterious brown spots. Fearing the worst, Henry’s teacher takes him to the school nurse, who promptly moves him to the City Hospital, as his spots have grown increasingly bigger – into pure chocolate bumps! Diagnosed with the one-of-a-kind ‘Chocolate Fever’, Henry grows increasingly terrified, and finally runs away, beginning a journey to discover a treatment to rid his body of the troublesome spots. Smith’s novel is ripe with humor and heart, which will please and enchant readers ages 7 and up.

Study Guide: Chocolate Fever (eBook) cover

Study Guide: Chocolate Feve...Learning Links/Novel-TiesLGLS233723 Pages, Grades 3 - 6

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Chocolate Fever: End-of-Book Test (Standards Based) (eBook) cover

Chocolate Fever: End-of-Boo...Novel UnitsNOVNU801438 Pages, Grades 3 - 4

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