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By Joseph Heller (2)

The insane world of war is brilliantly depicted in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. Captain John Yossarian, and many of the other patients in a military hospital, feign illness to avoid a return to active duty. Yossarian’s roommate, Orr, repeatedly crashes his fighter plane, while Chief White Halfoat tries to remain inebriated, and soldiers and officers alike begin to act strangely under the stress of wartime. As the colonels and generals vie for power, the fate of their troops seem irrelevant to them. In response, the men conduct illegal businesses, go AWOL, and indulge in sordid romances. At the center of all this is Yossarian, determined to save himself and his comrades from the zealotry of Colonel Cathcart. As the death toll mounts, Yossarian becomes more and more determined to no longer fly bombing missions. Finally, Yossarian avoids a court martial by running away. Catch-22 makes it clear that there is no end to the misery and insanity of war, and Heller deals with a multitude of themes elegantly.

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