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Call It Courage

By Armstrong Sperry (2)

Armstrong Perry’s Call It Courage is the story of a Polynesian boy who leaves home to conquer his fears. Based on Polynesian legend, this is a coming-of-age tale that explores universal themes such as courage, identity, and love. Young Mafutu, the chief’s son who has been labeled a coward, sets off to conquer his fear, in the process overcoming an array of obstacles. Terrified of the water that drowned his mother, Mafutu heads for the open sea in a dugout canoe. Caught in a storm, Mafutu loses the canoe but manages to return to shore, arriving at an island. With a dog he names Uri, and an albatross he calls Kivi, Mafutu learns to survive by his wits and developing skills. The discovery of a sacrificial altar on the island alerts him to cannibals nearby, and Mafutu builds and equips a new canoe for his escape, which happens just in the nick of time. When he arrives home to his village, his father realizes that Mafutu has become a courageous young man. Perry’s Newbery Medal award-winning novel, with its legendary basis and heroic character, has spoken to and resonated with readers ages 8 and up since its publication in 1940.

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