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Brian's Winter: A Novel

By Gary Paulsen (2)

In Gary Paulsen’s Brian’s Winter, Brian Robeson continues his struggle to survive, after his plane crashes and leaves him stranded in the wilds of Canada. Readers of Hatchet followed Brian’s adventures up to the point of his rescue, conveniently before the bitter northern winter. Paulsen spins a sequel, of sorts, that negates the miraculous rescue, and forces Brian to put his knowledge of the wild to the ultimate test. Brian must learn to hunt larger game and clothe himself properly, to this end, fashioning weapons and snowshoes, also teaching himself to move like a wolf over the snowy terrain. Throughout the winter, Brain employs his wits and strength to adapt to the constantly evolving land, but his ordeal comes to an end when he encounters a Cree family of trappers, who share what they have with him. At peace with his spartan lifestyle, Brian is ambivalent regarding his return “home” to the United States, but his new friends relieve his trepidation, reminding him that he can always return to this land. Middle school readers will find Brian’s wilderness adventure fascinating reading, especially those looking for a continuation of the ever popular Hatchet.

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