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Banner in the Sky

By James Ramsay Ullman (0)

Banner in the Sky, by James Ramsay Ullman, is the story of Rudi Matt, a sixteen-year-old from from Switzerland. Rudi cherishes the legacy of his father, a well-known mountain guide, and in his honor, the young boy wants to master the Citadel, the highest peak in the Alpine region. No guides have made the climb since his father died saving an injured employer. When Rudi comes to the aid of a famous climber, Captain John Winter, Winter brings the boy along on an exploratory climb. Winter asks Rudi to make the expedition to the Citadel with his team, but his uncle will not let him make the climb. Rudi steals away to join the climbers, taking with him his father’s worn red shirt, and his own climbing staff. The assault on the Citadel involves competing teams, an avalanche, a storm, an accident, and illness. Following in his father’s footsteps, Rudi sacrifices his chance to make it to the peak, and helps another man to safety. Gratefully, Winter plants the symbolic red shirt of Rudi’s father on the highest peak. Banner in the Sky remains a thrilling adventure story for young readers, and masterfully delves into the themes of courage, compassion, and teamwork.

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