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Among the Imposters

By Margaret Peterson Haddix (2)

In this sequel to Among the Hidden, Magaret Peterson Haddix’s Among the Imposters further details the story of twelve-year-old Luke Garner, the third child in his family. In this bleak, futuristic look, it is against the law to have more than two children, forcing Luke to become “Lee Grant,” son of a Barons family. Upon the death of his dear friend, activist Jen Talbot, Luke is forced to abandon his family home in a reluctant bid for safety. Being or harboring a third child is an offense punishable by death, a further threat in a land beset by starvation. Luke is sent to a boarding school under his assumed identity, and is miserable among the bullies, until he starts a secret garden on the school grounds. A midnight confrontation with a band of students forces Luke to assess whether he is among friends or enemies. When betrayal by a boy, nicknamed the Jackal, nearly leads to disaster, Luke finds a way to avert danger, discovering his new role as an activist. The Shadow Children is a gripping dystopic series, where the Overpopulation Police are a perpetual, ominous presence, and the courage of children is the key to overriding this totalitarian society.

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