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Amelia Bedelia

By Peggy Parish (2)

Peggy Parish’s Amelia Bedelia has garnered widespread love for its endearingly literal-minded protagonist. Amelia Bedelia is starting work as a maid for the Rogers family, and upon their departure, begins to tackle her list of chores. Taking the instructions with a literal frame of mind, Amelia proceeds to “put out the lights” by stringing the light bulbs on the clothesline outside the house, “dusts the furniture” by throwing copious amounts of dust on the furnishings, and “draws the drapes when the sun comes in” with a nicely composed picture drawing. How will the Rogers react? Only a perfectly divine lemon meringue pie may save Amelia! Cheerful and funny, Parish’s novel will enchant younger readers, drawing chuckles at Amelia’s good-hearted, but deeply misguided, intentions.

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