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Abel's Island

By William Steig (0)

A charming survival story for young readers, William Steig’s Abel’s Island is the story of a mouse marooned on an island. Luckless Abel is accidentally separated from his bride Amanda when a storm overtakes their picnic, and the gallant Abel attempts to catch Amanda’s wayward scarf. On a tiny raft, he floats to a river island, certain that he will be rescued. When help fails to arrive, the ingenious mouse invents vessels to carry him back across the river, but none of his plans succeed. When Abel finally accepts his place on the island, he learns how to provide for himself, while a pocket watch and a novel help keep him entertained. When a miserable winter gives way to spring, Abel meets Gower, a frog who was washed ashore, and the two animals become friends. After further adventures, Abel at last bids farewell to his island home, and decides to doggedly make his way home, no matter the cost. With Steig’s lovely illustrations, Abel’s Island is a pure delight for young readers ages eight and up.

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