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A Year Down Yonder

By Richard Peck (2)

In A Year Down Yonder, the sequel to Richard Peck’s A Long Way from Chicago, fifteen-year-old Mary Alice Dowdel returns to her grandmother’s home for an extended visit. The Great Depression drags on, but Grandma is more than a match for adversity. She outsmarts a couple of bullies, and turns a Legion Auxiliary canteen into a truly charitable event. Grandma also finds a way to get a train ticket for Mary Alice’s brother, Joey, so he can see his sister star in the Christmas pageant. Mary Alice has clearly inherited Grandma Dowdel’s talent for excitement, as she pens anonymous articles to the town newspaper, plays a few pranks, helps Grandma with her matchmaking, and falls in love with newcomer Royce McNabb. All in all, country life proves exciting, and Mary Alice finds true love. A popular Newbery Medal award winner, Peck's novel will appeal to elementary and middle school readers, who will enjoy the period details, and the colorful cast of characters.

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