eBooks and Interactive Whiteboards

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?
Interactive Whiteboards (or IWBs) are large screens that display images from your computer and let you highlight, underline, draw, or add to whatever is on the screen, without altering the original file.

IWBs are comprised of three different components: a large display screen that is usually mounted on the wall, a projector that places an image on the screen, and a computer to provide the images, documents, movies, or presentations.

Most IWB screens are touch sensitive, which is what allows teachers and students to "draw" on the boards using the IWBs proprietary software.

Will my eBooks work on my classroom's Interactive Whiteboard (Smart Board/Promethean Board/StarBoard)?

Yes! All of our eBooks come as PDFs, meaning that you can import the files directly onto your Interactive White Board using the board’s software.

How can I use my eBooks with an Interactive Whiteboard?
Project your eBook in PDF onto the screen using your IWBs software, then use whichever tools you would like to use (highlighting, drawing, shading, etc.). You can then save the image of the page with your notes, and print it for a student to take home, or save a series of pages to e-mail to a student who is sick or absent.

Can I use Enhanced eBooks on my Interactive Whiteboard?
Enhanced eBooks will project onto the display screen in the same manner as a regular eBook. However, you will be able to cut and paste text from Enhanced eBooks into your own Interactive White Board lessons, saving you prep time.

Do some of your products come with special files?

Certain products, mainly Level 4 Optimized eBooks, contain Notebook files - files made specifically to work on a SMART Board. Some Level 4 books may also contain Flash based files as well - please read the description of the product to find out exactly what is included.

Our IWB Ranking System:

Level 1 - Ordinary eBooks: Using the proprietary software that comes with most IWBs, unaltered PDFs can be easily displayed. Then, teachers can highlight phrases, kids can fill in activities, and work can be saved for next year or exported and e-mailed home to students who are absent. As a result, all of our regular eBooks are listed at Level 1.
Level 2 - Enhanced eBooks: With the ability to copy, paste, and rotate pages, Enhanced eBooks are even better suited to Interactive Whiteboards. Teachers can combine text from an Enhanced eBook with their own images, video, or web sources, creating a truly customized lesson. As a result, all Enhanced eBooks that we sell are listed at Level 2.

Level 3 - Interactive eBooks: An Interactive eBook is designed to offer another level of user participation. Rather than just displaying text, these books have buttons that offer sound, video, additional pictures, or any number of different features. While these books are equally at home on a desktop computer, they are a great choice for teachers looking for Interactive Whiteboard material that can be set up quickly. Easily displayed and enjoyed by the whole class, all of our Interactive eBooks are listed at Level 3.

Level 4 - Optimized eBooks: These books are designed from the ground up to be displayed and used on an Interactive Whiteboard, whether they are redesigned PDF files or products built and designed in proprietary software, such as SMART's Notebook software. Check the product description to see exactly what format and level of optimization each Level 4 product has.


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