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Recently we have seen the emergence of quality, web-based products ("web services" as we call them) in the education market. Customers can now buy authorization/activation codes at our eStore which are then redeemed for services at the publisher's website. Some of the web services that we offer are a "one time purchase" (like an eBook; buy it once and you own it forever); other web service products that we sell are subscription based products.

What is a web service?
A web service is a product that a publisher has developed that you access on/from their website. However, in order to accomplish this, you must first buy access to this product. This access will come in the form of an authorization/activation code which you can purchase from our eStore.

Am I buying this once or do I need to renew each year?
Some of the web services that we sell are yearly subscriptions - once you activate your membership it is good for one year from that date. A perfect example of this type of a product is ClassroomZoom from Teacher Created Resources. Other web services that we sell are purchased once - there is no expiry date. A great example of these "non-expiring" products are Carson-Dellosa's Learning Spot Lessons.

Can I get a refund on web service products?
Sorry, but there are no refunds on any web services purchased from our eStore.

Will you be adding more web services?
Yes! We have been approached by many publishers wanting us to sell access to these type of products. Stay tuned for many exciting new products of this nature coming soon!

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