Using an Android Mobile Device

**Please note that this page will be updated on a regular basis as Android's mobile device technology evolves.**

How do I view samples and download books with an Android mobile phone or tablet?
There are actually a number of reader options available in the Android Market. We suggest using the FREE Adobe Reader app or we have heard positive feedback about the inexpensive app ezPDF.  Our instructions only cover the use of Adobe Reader, a free download from the Android Market.

How do I purchase and download products on my Android Device?
To purchase and download products, follow these steps:

  1. You will need to install Adobe Reader on your device by going to the Android Market.
  2. Select MARKET. At the very top, use the Search function and enter "Adobe Reader." (or the pdf reader of your choice such as ezPDF)
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Use the Web option on your Android Tablet to navigate to our eStore.
    1. Log in and add items to your cart, and complete your purchase as you normally would.
      1. After completing your purchase, you will be directed to your smart receipt.
    2. Or click on click on 'view Previous Purchases', under My Account.
      1. Select the purchase you wish to download, this will direct you to your smart receipt. 
    3. On your smart receipt, click on "Download Item Now"

How do I open products in Adobe Reader on my Android Device?

  1. Once the download is complete, you’ll see the file on the bottom right hand corner of your tablet. Click on your download. You’ll be able to select a Reader APP to open it or any other app you wish to use.
  2. After opening Adobe Reader, touch the area at the top that says DOCUMENTS.
  3. You will have two lists to peruse - the first one says "/mnt/sdcard/Documents". This lists all of the PDF documents you have on your Android Tablet from direct-connect data transfers.
  4. The second list says "/mnt/sdcard/Download". This is where any PDFs you download from a source like this site will be found.
  5. Open your PDF and enjoy!

How do I transfer eBooks between my Android and my computer?
If you have completed your purchase on your Android device and would like to transfer it to your computer or from your computer to your device, follow these steps:

There are several different ways of completing this, such as cloud storage, WiFi etc.  The most direct and simplest way to transfer a file from your PC to android phone is using the USB cable. Most of the phones are equipped with a compatible cable, so there should be no need for you to buy one.

  1. Just connect your PC and your Android using the cable, and you will see there’s a message on the phone/tablet screen asking what do you want to do.
  2. Choose the option that allows using the phone as a storage device, and you’re good to go. Transferring files is as simple as copying the file from your PC to a USB drive (as well as in the reverse)

Do Enhanced eBooks also work on my Android device?
Yes! Enhanced eBooks from our store are also PDFs, so just follow the same instructions to transfer them to your Android device. However, please note that the “enhanced” features of the eBooks may not work at this time.  (this is all dependent on the software/app and it capabilities)

Will ePub files work on my Android device?
Yes! In fact, ePub files generally allow for optimized viewing on your mobile device. Some of our ePub files also contain a "Read Aloud" function - to activate this on your mobile device, simply open your ePub file, click on the speaker icon in the top right hand corner, and select the "Start Reading" button.

Can I print my eBooks from my Android device?
To do this, you would need a wireless printer and an Android app that supports printing to it. For example, HP offers printing to “all HP ePrint-enabled printers and over 200 HP networkable legacy printer models” via the free HP ePrint Android app. Epson offers the Epson iPrint app for printing to a variety of modern Epson printers. Canon offers a Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app that can print photos — but not documents — to Canon PIXMA printers. All other printers, check their websites to see if they have mobile apps for printing to their wireless printers.


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